You Are Your Own Blank Slate

If you blog, or tweet, or keep a journal, or write to friends regularly, or use email, then you probably know what it’s like to begin the process of writing your whatever with the slow, agonising search for a foundation.

Maybe you go online, looking for inspiration. Or maybe you think, carefully about common ground – yourself, your reader, something to connect. Whatever works, you stick at it, looking for a place to begin.

And then after a few hours, or years, of this you decide to work from blank slates: to write without thinking, to start from no foundation at all. So you go looking for a conceptual environment in which to work, a kind of “don’t-think-about” space full of rules for what not to consider, things to rule out, stuff not to bother with before you begin.

Just write. You are the best source of context for your words; you have the best foundation possible, the best foothold in the world. You are writing from your own point of view, so don’t try to be anywhere else.


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